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The Ulysse gift card gives access to all the flight tickets on our site.

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Gift card customization

Choose the type of gift card (to print at home or send directly to the recipient's email). Choose the amount, write a lil' note and ta-da! It's done.


A joyful day is upon us.

After the payment and depending on the type of gift card: print it or simply wait that the recipient receives it directly on his/her email.


You are a good human.

The beneficiary can use his Gift Card for thousands of destinations on Be prepared to be thanked.

On more than 450airlines

Ulysse gives you access to more than 450 airlines and thousands of destinations all over the world. For example, you can very easily find cheap Easyjet flights, cheap Air France flights. Depending on your destination, you will be able to filter results by airline. For example, for a flight from Paris to Madrid, you can decide to filter by cheap Vueling flights, or cheap Iberia flights.

Offer a gift card

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